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Personal Portraits | Headshots

From headshots to editorial styled photoshoots, shine a light on how amazing and beautiful you are!

Downtown Harrisonburg, VA

There is something so magical about unlocking a person's true potential in front of a camera lens. With no prior experience, but through prep and talking through ideas, Caitlin and I were able to find a groove, have fun, and produce truly amazing images.

CF 2023_18.jpg
Rebecca Porter_119.jpg

Staunton, VA

This blossoming country artist is truly a gem. She absolutely SLAYED this photoshoot and i couldn't be happier that I got to capture her vision and be apart of her journey as a musician!

Sill & Glade Cabin | Mount Solon, VA

This space and collaboration has been a dream! Working to capture this space and this musician was an extremely rewarding project.


Crozet, VA

Sometimes in life you need capture your rebirth, and this is what I did for Rachel. Exploring her bloom in life was an empowering experience.

Downtown Staunton, VA

Entering a new phase in life and feeling comfortable in your roll in life can be scary, but embracing it with open arms is a strength. In a short amount of time this beautiful woman became a wife and mother. We were able to capture her spirit and new found maturity. 


Downtown Staunton, VA

This photoshoot ROCKED! A more editorial shoot that Alex knocked out of the park. Handsome, GQ vibes that jump out in every picture.

Mount Solon, VA

Jessa is the strongest, most beautiful, down to earth, inspirational woman. I'm honored to call her a friend and love capturing her in her element.

Jessa Picks_28.JPG

Churchville, VA

2020 was tough for high school seniors, but Katherine was a bright shining light of confidence and beauty.

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