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My Travels!

In addition to portrait photography I have a great passion for adventure, travel, and capturing the vast and immeasurable beauty this country has to offer! 

I fell in love with being on the road with my first solo road trip to Glacier NP & Grand Teton NP summer of 2016. Within a year I had paid off my debt, sold all my belongings, bought and built out my van, and left for a year and a half to full time travel around the whole country! I made so many friends, navigated back roads and trails, ate and drank at amazing places, and learned how to trust myself. The peace and freedom that I found on the road and in nature truly inspired my soul to grow.

Not only did traveling build a greater appreciation for nature, but made me realize how strong I was and how much this land and the people in it have to offer. I pushed myself to physical, emotional, and mental limits and loved every minute of it! 

I hope you enjoy scrolling through my adventures!

Follow this link to a purchasable gallery or contact me for a personal quote.

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